North Andover Garden Club Mission
Our mission is to encourage an interest and active
participation in civic beautification, horticulture,
flower arranging, and conservation
Conservation Pledge
I give my pledge as an American to save
and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country - its air, soils, and minerals,
its forests, waters, and wildlife

State Tree - Elm
State Flower - Arbutus
State Bird – Chickadee

NAGC Membership
Members: 45
Associate Members: 8
Honorary Members: 2

A Letter from Our Presidents September 2023
The Club has had a very productive year as we have been able to put Covid in the rearview mirror and resume some semblance of normalcy. We hosted a lovely Welcome Back social, again at the North Andover Country Club. It was a warm welcome to returning members as well as our newest members. We were able to offer our programs in person this year, which all of us were excited to return to and they were well attended by members as well as the community. Programs reflected the trend toward more responsible stewardship of our land, and we all learned a lot from our very knowledgeable speakers.

The Plant Sale was once again an outstanding success. The Town Hall gardens are looking spectacular and reflect so positively on the Club’s contributions to the community. New plantings have replaced ones that were not suited to the area. The pollinator garden is thriving and is visited regularly by the insects we hoped to attract. Permanent signage has been added giving credit to the Garden Club for our efforts.

We were able to offer two $1,500 scholarships this year in honor of our past member, Richard Kulpinski. Holiday wreaths were given to all the municipal buildings adding to the town’s festive look. In addition, we continued the tradition of weekly floral arrangements at the library which both patrons and library staff appreciate. Patriots Park received its biannual sprucing up with the help of one of the Boy Scout troops, the North Andover Improvement Society and some neighbors who worked alongside our members.

Our goal this year is to have each member contributing actively to our Club’s endeavors, which means serving on committees in whatever capacity you are able. (And if anyone has any new ideas they would like to spearhead, we encourage that too!) Please let us know what your interests might be. We welcome all contributions!

We look forward to another fun and productive year, and most importantly, the camaraderie and friendships that evolve from sharing our passion for gardening.


Janet Foley and Karen Lang






In the pamphlet entitled “History of the North Andover Garden Club”, written in 1949 by Kate Hastings Stevens, we see how the early members of the garden club contributed greatly to not only the club’s growth and cohesiveness but also the development of the larger community of North Andover with their creative foresight and personal resourcefulness. 

History of the North Andover Garden Club
Kate Hastings Stevens

A History of the North Andover Garden Club1 would not be complete without a description of the background from which it developed.  The first gardens of old Andover were dooryards enclosed by picket or rail fences.  Their small area was filled with syringe and rose bushes and sweet-smelling flowers such as lavender and peonies.  Usually there were two shade trees, one on either side of the gate.  Of such a garden one catches a glimpse in Miss Bailey’s history of Andover 2, where a photograph of the Phillips Manse (building 1752), taken before the dooryard fence was torn down and the piazza added, is reproduced.  The remodeling of the house was done after the deaths of Miss Caroline and Miss Susan Phillips 3 in 1883.  In 1884 Bishop Brooks became is owner, and H. H. Richardson, architect of Trinity church in Boston, drew plans for the alterations which brought the house more nearly in keeping with current living demands.
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